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Charter Yacht in Croatia
četvrtak, rujan 11, 2014
The island of Pag is situated in the northern part of the Croatian coast. It is the Croatian island with the longest coastline. The island has two towns, Pag and Novalja and many smaller villages. Most of the island is rocky and only smaller parts are covered in Mediterranean shrubs. The first Croatian wind farm was constructed on the island of Pag.

But, to be honest, the island is famous for the beach Zrće. The beach itself offers many activities such as beach volleyball, water scooters, sky lift. Zrće is a top pary destinations in the summer time in Croatia. For years now it has been called the Croatian Ibiza. Zrće is known for its neverending summer parties and a lot of famous preformers.

Zrće hosts the Fresh Island Festival. There are numerous clubs that offer allday parties and drinks, such as Noa, Acquarius, Papaya, Kalypso.

Zrće is connected to the town of Novalja by a city bus line that goes every 30 minutes in the summer season.


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petak, kolovoz 2, 2013

Molat is part of the Zadar archipelago. The island is located northeast from Dugi Otok and northwest from the port of Zadar. Zapuntel strait separates it from the island of Ist. Molat’s southwestern coast is steep while there are many bays along the northeastern coast. The largest cove on the northwestern coast is Jazi.

Molat island Croatia

During the 12thcentury Molat belonged to the Benedictine monastery of St Krševan in Zadar. It came under the Venetian rule in the 15th century. Venice leased the island to a number of families from Zadar.

Island’s Latin name was Mellitus, meaning honey. The landscape of Molat leaves the impression of rich green area, covered with forests and underbrush, ideal for hiking treks or those preferring serene Mediterranean atmosphere. It is recommended to rent a boat and discover the isolated bays, channels and hidden beaches.

There are three small settlements on the island: Molat, Zapuntel and Brgulje. All three were built in the inland part of Molat in order to be better protected from pirates. Only smaller hamlets are situated on the seaside. The town of Molat is the largest settlement. The port provides the best shelter from most of the winds. Brgulje village is located in the middle of the island, in the vicinity of the ferry port and the main settlement of Molat.

Zapuntel is a settlement in the northwestern part of the island. If Molat is your sailboat charter destination it is recommended to visit Zapuntel. The port offers sailors a great shelter from all the winds. Special attractions of Zapuntel are underwater cliffs between Molat and the neighboring island of Ist. If you want to visit Ist pass though Zapuntel strait and enter Široka bay in the southern part of Ist. Some of the interesting sailing destinations around Molat are islands of Dugi Otok, Sestrunj, Olib and Silba.


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